Jul 10, 2010

Bean Bags

I’m getting a head start on my Christmas gifts. And for some of the kids on my list I’m making mini-bean rice bags {though I’m making a set for my MiniDork first, as practice}. They’re really easy {just follow the instructions for the rice heat pack but use 4x4 squares instead of 6x9 rectangles and about 1.5 eighths-a-cup rice}. I’m halfway done with MiniDork’s set. I’m sure I’ll be finished with all of them in the next several days.
bean bags kids christmas gift idea
The list of uses for these is pretty much only limited by your imagination. Here’s a head-start:
  • juggling
  • catch
  • hide and seek
  • hopscotch “stone”
  • weapons of “war”
  • math manipulatives
  • color sorting
  • paperweights {that was ManDork’s suggestion}
  • waste basket “basketball”
  • hackey-sack
Any good ideas I missed? Leave ‘em in the comments!


  1. I so want to make some of those for my little boy - out of different materials and/ or with different fillings (lentils, rice, beans, dried peas ...). Problem is - he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and then on the ground of course ... so in no time everything is rather ... well, icky ... So I am not sure how to make these as I could not wash them. I was already thinking about making little bags for the fillings and making little cases - like pillow cases - of different materials which I can take off and wash. But it seems like ALOT of work for such small things ...
    Do you happen to have any idea?

  2. Ms Muffin, you could use a small snap lock bag or similar to hold the filling in and then make the outter case part removeable as you plan.


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