Jul 16, 2010


 toddler bath robe sew craft
Mumble grumble moan pout mumble…the project I spent the better part of yesterday working on is a complete fail. I saw this tutorial on Obsessively Stitching on how to make a toddler bath robe from dish towels and knew I wanted to try it. I didn’t see any cute dish towels, so I decided to go with fluffier hand towels {probably my first mistake, made sewing pretty difficult}. My second mistake was eyeballing where to put the belt loops. They’re so low on the robe that they’re below MiniDork’s bum. My third mistake was thinking I could neatly sew the binding {I couldn’t, not at all}. And my final mistake was assuming MiniDork would even like a bathrobe.
She hates it.
She won’t wear it. She cried when I put it on her. And now she hides her face when I suggest she put it on.toddler bath robe sew craft
So I’m not even sure it’s worth trying again with the recommended type of towels. This whole debacle makes me grumpy. I hate putting so much time and heart into something only to have it not turn out. I’m really grateful for my everyday experiment. In most cases when I have a project fail it puts me in such a bad mood I stop doing that particular craft or hobby for quite a while. This time I’m still dealing with the bad mood bit, but I *have* to get back on the proverbial horse.
I’d just like to point out that these fails are all my own. The tutorial is just fine and you should totally try it yourself {but with less fluffy towels and less failage}.
Also I’m participating in an I Spy swap! Woo-hoo! I first learned about I Spy quilts on Obsessively Stitching. But she ran her swaps before I had a working sewing machine. So I missed out. Well she inspired this swap on Crafterhours of exclusively Spoonflower fabrics and I jumped at the chance to participate.
These are my two contributions to the swap:
alligator crocodile i spy swap fabric i spy swap fabric paper origami cranes
I designed the origami fabric myself. I have a thing for paper cranes. You can see more of the swap fabrics in the Flickr Group. It’s not too late to sign up for the swap! So if you’re interested just click the button!
i spy swap button


  1. I think the robe looks cute! When I get fed up with something I just put it away for a few days and rip out whatever needs ripped out when I'm a lot calmer. My projects generally end up pretty good after a time-out. Is the robe big enough where she may change her mind about it? Maybe she would feel differently about it if you don't ask..just put it on after bath time like a towel. If not you can always fix it and gift it to a shelter or someone who would appreciate it regardless of its imperfections.

  2. Awwww! It's really cute! I'm sorry it didn't work out!!

    Since my dish towels were dollar store towels, they were definitely -- er -- super thin and, well, CHEAPO! But I could not pass up the cuteness!

    I agree with Gwenn... just put it away for a while! Maybe she'll dig it in a few weeks! :o)


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